*All Spring 2015 membership and locker fees are now prorated.  Please call or stop by for more information: 212-854-2546 or 212-854-2547.
*The 4th floor women's locker room is now in full service.
*Alumni Memberships are 50% off.  Please call 212-854-2546 to inquire.
*Spring Break Building Schedule:
March 14-22, 2015
Monday-Friday 6am-10pm
Saturday & Sunday 10am-8pm


January 13, 2014: Guest Pass Policy Update:
Dodge Fitness Center members may invite up to two guests per day.  A photo ID card is required for all visitors.  All non-student members must be at least 18 years old when hosting the guest/s. 

Children under the age of 16 are not allowed to enter the tri-level fitness center area and must be accompanied by an adult throughout the rest of the building.


All Guests/Sponsors must complete and sign the Release of Liability Form. Guests under 18 years of age must submit the Release of Liability Form signed by their parent or guardian.  The Release of Liability Form for GUESTS is available here. Guests of a CU, TC, or Barnard student pay a $10 guest fee. Guests of other members pay a $15 guest fee. The guest pass expires at the closing time of the same day when it was purchased.

All guest/s must be accompanied by the sponsoring member at all times.  The sponsoring member will be responsible for the guest’s actions while at the Dodge Fitness Center.

January 13, 2014: Family Member Policy Update:
Family members include spouse/domestic partner and/or children ages 6-26.  Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied at all times throughout the building.  Primary membership is required before a family membership may be purchased.  To obtain a family membership a proof of marriage or common residence must be presented to the Membership Office representative.  All non-student members will sign the Release of Liability Form.

The Membership Office is located on the 4th floor lobby of the Dodge Fitness Center.

The Membership Office accepts cash, checks, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover.  Credit/debit card payments are processed via Active Network, LTD, as will be indicated on your credit/debit card statement.

Please call the Membership Office to schedule a tour around facilities. 

Monday & Thursday..................... 9am-7:30pm
Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday...... 9am-4:30pm
(The Membership Office is open extended office hours at the start of each term).

212-854-2546 or 212-854-2547

Dodge Physical Fitness Center

Membership Office
3030 Broadway- MC 1928
New York, NY 10027

Membership Office                   212-854-2547; 212-854-2546

Football/Basketball Tickets     888-LIONS-11
Facility Schedules                      212-854-7149
Voluntary Programs                  212-854-3439
Personal Training                       212-854-4439
Intramurals/Club Sports           212-854-4002
Sports & Youth Camps             212-854-2233
Squash Court Reservation       212-854-7149