*Uris Pool resumes operation on September 9th!  Uris Pool recreational hours are:
Monday-Friday: 12-2pm and 7-9:30pm; Saturday-Sunday 1-5pm and 7-9pm.

Membership Dates


Fall 2015:  August 17-December 23, 2015
Spring 2016: January 2-May 15, 2016
Summer 2016: May 23-August 7, 2016

 (The Dodge Fitness Center is closed for recreation for one week at the end of every term, while the Membership Office remains open)


CU Students




For most registered summer students on Morningside Heights campus access membership is already included in their tuition bill. Students who have University Facility, Student Life, or College Fees listed on their summer term bill, will have their Dodge Fitness Center access membership. These fees do not include towel and locker service.  To purchase towel and locker service, please visit the Membership Office.
     Registered students of the following schools should have automatic access to the Dodge Fitness Center: Social Work, Arts, CC, GS, Law, Business, SEAS, SIPA, Journalism, Architecture, and Continuing Education (excluding ALP). Registered Teachers College and Barnard summer students also have automatic access to the Dodge Fitness Center. 


Medical Campus Students

 CU Medical Campus students may purchase their Dodge Fitness    Center membership during the Membership Office hours (below).


 ALP Students


Please stop by the Membership Office at the Dodge Fitness Center lobby on the 4th floor to obtain your membership.  ALP students do not have University Facility or Student Life Fees listed in their term bill and may purchase access at the Membership Office.


 Global Program Students

Please stop by the Membership Office at the Dodge Fitness Center lobby on the 4th floor to purchase a membership.


Faculty & Employees

The basic membership for faculty, officers, and staff includes the usage of a temporary locker and towel service.  For prices click on the FAQ tab above.


Retired Employees

 All Columbia University retired employees may purchase a basic membership at a 50% discount.  The basic membership includes a temporary locker and a towel service.  To register please bring your Retiree CU ID card.  For prices click on the FAQ tab above.






The basic alumni membership includes a temporary locker and towel service.  Alumni memberships begin on July 1st, 2015 and continue until June 30th, 2016.  Registration is ongoing.  Recent graduates may purchase a one semester student access membership for the first term following graduation.  To purchase an alumni membership please verify the year of your graduation.  We will accept a copy of your diploma or SSOL print-out.  For prices click on the FAQ tab above.


Visiting Scholars

The basic membership for visiting scholars includes the usage of a temporary locker and towel service. For prices click on the FAQ tab above.


Affiliated Neighbors


 Columbia University affiliated neighbors include students, staff and faculty from Union Theological Seminary, Jewish Theological Seminary, Manhattan School of Music, St. Luke's Hospital (on Amsterdam), Bank Street College, St. John the Divine, Riverside Church.  Basic membership includes a temporary locker and a towel service. For prices click on the FAQ tab above.


 Guest Passes





   Dodge Fitness Center members may invite up to two guests per day.  A photo ID card is required for all visitors.  All non-student members must be at least 18 years old when hosting their guest/s.
   Children under the age of 16 are not allowed to enter the tri-level center area and must be accompanied by an adult throughout the rest of the building.
    All guest/s must be accompanied by the sponsoring member at all times.  The sponsoring member will be responsible for the guest's actions while at the Dodge Fitness Center. 
   All guests/sponsors must complete and sign the Release of Liability Form.  Guests under 18 years of age must submit the Release of Liability Form signed by their parent or guardian.  The Release of Liability Form is available here.  Guests of a CU, TC, or Barnard student pay a $10 guest fee.  Guests of other members pay a $15 guest fee.  The guest pass expires at the closing time of the same day when it was purchased.


Family Members





Eligible family members include spouse and domestic partner and/or children ages 6-26. Children under the age of 16 are not allowed to use the tri-level fitness center and must be accompanied by an adult at all times throughout the building. 

In order for a family member to join,
(1) primary member must have at least a basic membership (towel and locker service);
(2) please, present proof of marriage or common residence (marriage certificate; joint accouts, etc.);
(3) please, present photo ID cards;
(4) all Dodge Fitness Center members must have a valid CU ID card.  For price information, please see the FAQ tab above.
(5) Family members will sign the Release of Liability Form



Lockers- All members may rent temporary and overnight lockers.  Locker, prices and locker room information is available at the Membership Office, Membership Guide 2015-2016 and Frequently Asked Questions.  Lockers may be rented for one, two or three semesters (students' summer memberships and lockers will be handled separately in May 2016). Overnight lockers must be renewed or emptied by the deadline.  Please, stop by the Membership Office to rent or renew your locker. 




ID Cards- If your ID card is not activated to access the Dodge Fitness Center, please, contact the Membership Office.  All members of Dodge Fitness Center must use a current and activated Columbia University ID card to access the facility.  The Membership Office will issue a batch for alumni, family and affiliate neighbor members.  ID cards issued by the library or by another office on campus can be activated for access to Dodge Fitness Center.  There is a $7 fee for a new ID card.  ID card replacement cost is $20.

Regular Membership Office Hours
Monday & Thursday 9am-7:30pm
Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday 9am-4:30pm
(the Membership Office is open extended office hours during the first three weeks of the membership term).
212-854-2546 or 212-854-2547